About Us


Good Solar creates renewable energy solutions for nonprofit organizations, environmental justice communities, and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas to promote social justice, combat climate change, provide community economic development, and build community resiliency.

Charitable Goals

Social Justice | Good Solar promotes social justice by deliberately providing its services to nonprofits and those who have historically been unable to access the benefits of renewable energy.

Climate Change | Good Solar combats climate change through solar installation and solar development in untapped areas and markets, thereby innovatively reducing the use of traditional fossil fuels. 

Community Economic Development | Good Solar provides community economic development by educating, training, and hiring those in the communities it serves. 

Community Resiliency | Good Solar builds community resiliency by developing energy solutions that ensure communities have access to safe, reliable energy during disasters and emergencies.


As part of a larger movement towards a more moral and equitable future, Good Solar works to make a renewable energy transition available to everyone—allowing benefits to accrue to those who need them the most. 

From systemic poverty to institutional racism to the increasing threat of climate change, the challenges facing American society today require bold action and steadfast dedication. There are no silver bullets. 

Through the development of long-term community partnerships and an insistence on equity and integrity, Good Solar strives to achieve this vision—a carbon-free future in which those disproportionately burdened by today’s pollution can participate fully in tomorrow’s clean energy economy.